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Antidotes to Kidnapping and Abduction

Recent confession by some suspected serial kidnappers arrested by the Ekiti State Command of the Nigeria Police was very revealing.

The videos of their confession while they were paraded before journalists in Ado Ekiti have gone viral on social media. In the video, the suspects listed about four successful operations they had carried out including the abduction of a popular Ado Ekiti petroleum products dealer in January this year.

We salute the police for its painstaking investigation and intelligence gathering that led to the arrest of some of the members of the notorious gang of kidnappers while placing a bounty of five million naira on other members of the gang, who are still on the run.

One salient fact from the confession of the suspects is that kidnappers don’t just strike, they target their victims very closely and know them very well. A Yoruba wise saying is suffice here, the worm that eats the vegetable is harboured by the vegetable.

Lessons from the confession of the arrested kidnappers include, we all must be weary of our neighbours and even our relatives. We have to, if the vulcanizer working close the petrol station of the dealer could confess he was the informant who told the rest of the gang when to strike.

We must be weary of our relatives, if one of the arrested kidnappers could confess that one of their victims was his mother – in – law !

Of course, we have heard stories of house maids or security guards masterminding the kidnapping of either their employers or their children.

Part of the ways to curb domestic kidnap is the use of background check. According to experts,
background check is not only for use by corporate organisations but by everybody and for any cadre of staff and personnel because it can be a tool that can help security personnel to carry out their job more effectively when the need arises.

The trend of kidnapping have shown that in most cases kidnappers always request that money be paid for the release of their victims. These demands are mostly made because they believe the victims have the money at their disposal. So, kidnappers basically target people who either have access to a large sum of money or are rich.

Therefore, the most logical way to avoid these unnecessary attention is not to reveal your financial status to people particularly your bank statement of account should not be handled carelessly.

Experts also warn that people should be careful not to reveal too much about yourself or their family members via social media. No need to flaunt new cars, houses and other luxury possessions.

It is also important to keep emergency numbers that you can quickly call whenever you notice anything strange around you. We are lucky that Ekiti State is among states in the federation where the the emergency, three – digit toll – free number 112 is operational.

By simply dialling 112 from any network, you have direct access to the Police, Fire Service, Federal Road Safety Corps, National Orientation Agency (NOA) among others and it is toll free.

We round off our recommended antidotes to kidnapping and abduction with the pronouncement of death penalty for convicted kidnappers made by the Governor of Kano State,
Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

This was not an empty threat because Governor Ganduje has directed the Kano Ministry of Justice to review the penal code law that would enforce death penalty on any person found guilty of kidnapping in the state.

That was a directive he gave while inaugurating the committee to investigate cases of missing persons in the state from 2010 to date.

According to him, the government found it necessary to take the measure in order to discourage others who might contemplate engaging in such criminal and heinous crimes.

Kidnapping has become such a threat in Nigeria that many are wondering how not to fall victims which is why many believe that no punishment is too harsh to stamp the menace out of our society.

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