The Department of Petroleum Resources, Akure Filed Office spare-headed by Mr. Adewale Oseni, is not relaxing on its duty to strengthen the awareness of the masses in terms of Safe-handling of petroleum products.
The Oil and gas stakeholders were gathered in a two-day sensitization event in Ondo state and Ekiti state respectively for a forum where several issues of safety were discussed and lectures were also delivered, the participants had the opportunity of asking mind bordering questions in relative to the theme of the event.

The Ondo State saw over Five hundred and fifty (550) attendees where nothing less than half of the stakeholders in the state had one representatives or more at the venue, The Lectures varies from Petrol PMS to Liquefied gas, the safety measures and business relations.
Several stakeholders ranging from the representative of the commissioner of Police Ondo state, Nigeria Security and Civil defense Corp, Firefighters, Chairmen and Heads of various associations of petroleum products marketers.
The agency also serves its note warning to the stakeholders not to involve malpractice in this festive period.
Two Staffs of the Department of Petroleum Resources were there to conduct very well structured Lectures on the theme of the Sensitization.

A monarch from the Easter part of Ondo State who was one of the VIPs raised concern over the way people now site filling station at almost everywhere without considering the safety of the masses.
The King directed several questions to the Land and Town Planner agency that were present while in part of the Mr. Adewale Oseni’s response to some of the mind questions the monarch raised.
The controller of DPR Akure field said developmental fact is also inevitable in some of the reasons why gas plants, filling stations are close to the places where people are residing but still ensuring that his agency will always make sure they consider SAFETY FIRST.

  The ‘Fountain of Knowledge’ turned ‘Land of Honor’ turned ‘Fountain of Knowledge’, Ekiti State witnessed mass turn out of Stakeholders in the Oil and gas industry, the security parastatals, Associations of Marketers and all that involved in Petroleum products sales and usage.
More than 600 attendees were at AB Hotel Event Centre where the sensitization event was held, the Controller of DPR Akure field Office, Mr. Adewale Oseni said in his welcome address that the Oil and gas industry is safety first, Don’t do it if it’s not safe!
  He later went on to state that the department of petroleum resources, Akure field office which he steers the wheel of affirms will not tolerate any unsafe practices and, its paramount for the facility owners and businessmen and women in the oil and gas sectors to enforce safety at their place of business for the customers and users that comes around, on no account should a vehicle be ignited at the same time been dispensed of PMS. He did mention how mobile phone usage in and around the gas station could cause a fire.
Several questions were generated from the lectures delivered by Engr Mustapha and Mr. Dan Lad, some of the questions also regenerated more questions, some of the attendees stated their interest in getting a soft copy of the lectures that were delivered to them, its shows their willingness to conform with the agency’s standing rules.
The Commissioner of Police Ekiti state, sent his delegate, The presence of NSCDC were also noticed and that of firefighter were also not left out in the gathering, all stakeholders and oil and gas law enforcement agencies came in with all elements making the event a masterpiece and the attendees from the interview after the event show that they really love the idea while some of them request for the event on a quarterly based.