//Here is Governor Fayemi’s State Broadcast to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of his tenure as Governor of the state.

Here is Governor Fayemi’s State Broadcast to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of his tenure as Governor of the state.

Text of the Address by

His Excellency
Dr. Kayode Fayemi, CON
Governor, Ekiti State, Nigeria

for the


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

1. Ekiti-kete, it is exactly one year today, that I took the oath of office as the sixth (6th) democratically elected governor of our dear State, Ekiti.

2. You laid the path for a new beginning in Ekiti State on July 14, 2018 when you freely elected me as your Governor but your journey of faith with me started, for the second term, on Thursday, October 16, 2018.

3. Today marks the first anniversary of the journey. First anniversary of the day we all heaved a sigh of relief. The day that marked the beginning of values, dignity and honour restoration. The day that further consolidated our democracy and opened a new chapter in the practice of good governance in Ekiti State.

4. First of all, I thank God almighty for His mercy, grace and favour over us as a state, people and government.
5. On behalf of the government, I thank our revered traditional and religious leaders, members of our party, the APC and indeed all politicians in Ekiti State, civil servants, civil society organizations, labour unions, farmers, artisans, and market men and women for the abiding support we have enjoyed over the past one year.

6. I thank Ekiti-kete most sincerely for your benevolence of this second term. My team and I appreciate and cherish your support, understanding, patience, endurance, suggestions, constructive criticisms and above all, your prayers.

7. You will recall that I gave the assurance during my inauguration that my agenda was to unify all Ekiti people irrespective of status, religious creed, and political affiliations. I did promise that my second coming would be used to heal the wounds of the past, calm fray nerves and galvanise our people along the path of economic progress and prosperity for all.

8. It is gratifying to note that the mood of uncertainty that pervaded our State when we took off is gradually giving way to optimism and strong belief in the capacity of government to provide purposeful leadership -leadership that serves as an enabler and a purveyor of rapid social re-engineering, economic prosperity and political stability- all within the space of one year.

9. The successful democratic transition that ushered in this administration last year has re-ignited the hope of our citizens. Our people are now conscious of the fact that the enthronement of good government that places their common interest above personal or parochial interest is the only way to truly enjoy good governance that guarantees better standard of living.

10. After one year of being in the saddle, again, evidence abound that we are, indeed, walking the talk, restoring values and enhancing impact. An account of my stewardship for the past twelve months will be rendered today and will be broadcast to you live from the hallowed chamber of Ekiti State House of Assembly.

11. I came back this second time to further reinforce our collective commitment to actualizing the Ekiti State of our dream. A State where the people would be able to deploy their intellectual resources in any chosen sphere for the collective good of the state without let or hindrance. A State where every man or woman, old or young, educated or illiterate, will have access to a fair share in its prosperity. A State that will accord every man and treat every resident with dignity. When I look back at the first 365 days in office, my heart is gladdened that a prosperous Ekiti State is springing anew from the ashes of the ruins of the past.

12. As your Governor, I derive my joy, from your feedback, which daily confirms that, indeed, Ekiti people appreciate how we are managing the commonwealth that they entrusted into our hands. Our modest but steady progress excites me.

13. There is relative peace and tranquillity in the State, and above all, our people are happier. This attests to the fact that we are on the right path. We are determined to sustain this trend and soldier-on meticulously to implement our restoration agenda headlong.

14. We are not unmindful of the fact that a lot still need to be done and would be done. We are, however, clear in our vision of a better tomorrow, a tomorrow that all sons and daughters of Ekiti State will be proud of, irrespective of political affiliations.

15. For the umpteenth time, I reassure you all that you are our treasured and greatest assets, and we are committed to treating you as such. I use the occasion of this first anniversary to rededicate myself to serving your best interests at all times.

16. As we continue to work towards the prosperous future of our dreams, permit me to congratulate all of us, not only for the time we have spent in government but also for the path we have laid, the milestones we have covered and for plans we have mapped out.

17. Once again, I thank you for your patriotism, and the courage you have demonstrated as well as for your unflinching support on our collective quest to make our dear state, Ekiti, a pride of all.

18. We are on the right path, making the best of the opportunity given to us and managing our collective commonwealth with best of intents, all in the paramount interest of Ekiti-kete and generations yet unborn. As the journey continues, we cannot do it alone, we are still counting on your support and tolerance, while we as the government will remain steadfast in our efforts at bringing more developmental programmes to you all.

19. God bless Ekiti State, the Land of Honour!
God bless Ekiti State Government!!
God bless Ekiti-kete!!!

20. Alale Ekiti a gbe a o!

Dr. Kayode Fayemi, CON